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Log home living in rural America…

Dealing with nature and guarding the trash

I have no scientific data to back this up, but I imagine that most people’s mind picture of living in a log home is that of a beautiful home or cabin tucked away in a forest surrounded by nature.  That was always my ideal and that is where we find ourselves today, but sometimes nature becomes a real challenge.

They’re b-a-a-a-a-c-k…

It is as predictable as the leaves changing color.  Every fall the bears return hoping to find our trash bins unprotected and full of delectable treats.

As we change our defensive plans, those smart creatures adapt and try to outsmart us. We surround our trash bins with a hot wire; six rows of electric wires capable of delivering a shock that can make your hair stand up.

Here in Montana, we have some very smart bears. Last year they actually dug under the fence to avoid being shocked.  I had to line the fence with large logs to foil that strategy.  Oftentimes they try to reach over the fence and pull the trash bins down over the wires…these are some smart bears.

On Monday of this week they attacked the fence pulling some wire out of its insulated holders creating a hole large enough to crawl through.  They won again.

I reinforced the wire, charged the battery, and the following morning I discovered that they had toppled a trash bin (by reaching over the fence), but couldn’t open the lid to access the goodies.

Fending off these hungry bears is enough to make you wish it would start snowing tomorrow so that they would crawl into a hole and hibernate.  C’mon, I’m a busy guy and I get tired of picking up trash that bears drag over two acres.

Actually, I really don’t mind the annual battle. I don’t want to feed the bears as that isn’t good for either of us, and I marvel at their cunning and perseverance.  Fortunately, tomorrow is garbage day so I’ll have a couple days reprieve until I restock our trash bins with tempting delights.

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