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Log Home Interview – Strongwood

Every few months we feature an interview with a different log home company.  This month we spoke with Rich Marcom of Strongwood Log Homes, located in Gainesville, GA.

Why do people choose Strongwood Log Homes?

Because we are a part of a limited number of quality Log Home Dealers who fully Kiln-Dry their Logs before selling them to you!  Also because we are qualified G.C.’s in the southeast and Build what we Sell!  We can just sell you the materials… or, dry-in your package… or, do a complete Turn-Key on your project!

What is your wood of choice?

Eastern White Pine… This is the recommended, wood of choice, for Log Homes according to the U.S. Forest Service Wood Handbook.

Can you customize the floor plans you display on your site?

Yes!  As a matter of Fact, better than 95% of what we do is “Custom”!  At Strongwood HQ we have our own “in-house design team” that does nothing but design log homes for our clients.  This Design Service is a No Charge Feature for Strongwood Clients… Planning Services are Free!!

What log profiles and corner styles do you offer?

Whatever you want!  We offer 72 different Log Profiles and Corner Styles to include Hand-hewn and Machine-Hewn Logs.

Every log home company seems to have their recommended log finishes. What does your company recommend for internal and external finishes?

We’ve had great success with Sikkens and that’s normally what we recommend and use.  However, that is not to say that something better may come to market and we are always testing to insure that we offer whatever is the best available!

What’s the best advice you would give to a new log home buyer?

If you want to avoid “maintenance” , shrinking, settling, bugs, drippy sap and many “checks/cracks” in your logs, then the only way to go is with a Kiln-Dried Log… 28 to32 days in the Kiln @185 degrees is what qualifies for a “fully Kiln-Dried Process”….  17 to 19 Percent Moisture Level when cured.  Plus, whomever you buy your logs from should also be the person who BUILDS the home for you… Less problems with just “one team”!

How have the changes in our economy affected your company?

It’s been a difficult year for us, but International Sales have been booming and that has really helped to keep the Strongwood Organization at work!  We’re seeing a lot of “interest” at our Log Home Shows, but not many have been turned to a Spring Sale or Construction Start.

What has been the biggest change(s) you’ve seen in the log home business over the years?

More stylish homes with lots of windows and “light” inside.  Also a “mix” of styles and materials!

Is your company a member of any trade or consumer groups?

You Bet… The Log Home Council, among many others!

Has your company won any awards or been recognized for an outstanding product or service?

Yes… For “Design” and “Most Beautiful Log Home”…. Just completed a Stunning 8000 sq. ft. home valued at $4.5 million dollars.


For more information, or to talk with Rich Marcom, visit: Strongwood Log Homes
or email Rich Marcom.

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  • Having bought land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, I been checking out a number of log home manufacturers. So far, I’ve been most impressed with Strongwood and their local franchise operation. They have a great product and experience.

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