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Log Home Interest is Heating Up

We may be in the dead of winter and we’re all suffering through this ugly economic cycle and praying that Congress will do something (anything) right… but I can tell you that there is a renewed interest in log homes.  Log home activity may be getting ready to heat up!

The Log Home Directory has been growing both in content and in visitor traffic virtually every month since its inception back in 2004.  You may not be aware that we do not advertise this website to attract visitors.  We rely on our frequently updated content and interesting information to attract people searching for what we provide. 

As an example, if someone is looking for a builder or dealer in Wisconsin or Montana, they’ll find almost 50 companies in these states listed in our directory.  One of our most popular new attractions, the Log Home Floor Plan Showcase, has become one of the most visited areas on our website. 

Why am I telling you this?

I am very encouraged to see the increase in traffic that has occurred in recent months.  For the past 30 days alone we’ve set another record for visitors to our site.  More than 26,000 unique visitors clicked through our site and stayed around for an average of 3.5 minutes.  Anyone who manages a website will tell you that in a small niche such as ours, these are impressive numbers.

This tells me that people are dealing with these economic realities and getting back to managing their lives.  Sure, Washington and Wall Street railroaded us into the worst economic cycle we’ve seen in seventy years… maybe ever, but it happened, we’re dealing with the shock and getting back to our plans. 

I am optimistic that this trend means that people are starting to think about putting their plans for a log home back on the front burner.  This could mean that the worst of the bloodletting is over and builders and manufacturers will be getting back to building log homes.  I’ll keep you posted on this trend – I’m encouraged.

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