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What to expect at a log home show

It doesn’t matter if you are a serious buyer, or still in the “tire-kicking” stage of log home research, there is nothing quite like attending a log home show in person.  Having the opportunity to meet and talk with manufacturers, builders and dealers face-to-face lets you ask all your questions and compare answers.

As an example, if you have a question about “kiln drying” logs, you will get different opinions from those who use this process and those who do not. Drilling into their responses will help you reach your own conclusions as to what is best for your particular situation.

Log Home Shows ExhibitorsCompanies of every size (PrecisionCraft pictured at left) usually attend these regional shows typically held in the spring and fall of every year. Spend a day at an expo and you can learn more than you could through most any other type of research.

You will be able to obtain log home floor plans & design information, brochures, pricing estimates,  financing information and get the chance to speak one on one to capable industry experts about any question you might have.


Log Cabin Homes Show ExhibitorsPossibly one of the best benefits is getting to see so many styles of log and timberframe homes. Most exhibitors will have tons of pictures demonstrating their proficiency in creating the log home of your dreams.

Log Home Show EventsAnother benefit of these shows is getting to meet with local builders who are familiar with your weather and other regional conditions.

As an example, building a home in Florida will offer challenges not found in North Dakota and need different construction materials, methods or wood treatments.

Whats your corner preference?

Handcrafted Log CornersThere are a number of methods (styles) to create log home corner joints and believe it or not, all are not created equal.

Some joints may look attractive but may not be the best choice if exposed to the elements – as opposed to being sheltered under a roof or porch overhang.

Some joints may offer a place for water to pool, which is disastrous for virtually any type of wood. Corner joints must provide air tightness and stability and not allow the logs to move or separate.

At a log home show you can see what a Standard Saddlenotch, Swedish Saddlenotch, Butt and Pass and a Dovetail corner actually looks like and learn the pros and cons of each.

Dovetailed Log CornersYou will learn new words and building terms that may sound foreign at first, but you will soon be using these phrases in your discussions with builders and manufacturers.

More than just log homes

One of the best parts of owning a log home is decorating it.

Log home living is different from “conventional” home styles and furnishings. One doesn’t often see an antler chandelier in a seaside Cape Cod cottage.

Log Home Show Decor ExhibitorsAt these shows you will find much more than just log crafters. Many log and rustic furniture makers sell and take custom orders for everything from furnishings to custom carved fireplace mantles.  One such log furniture company (featured at left), is Antler Arts of Sisters, Oregon (see them listed in our Log Furniture Directory).

At a recent show I attended in Salt Lake City, vendors were showcasing everything from rustic copper sinks for the bath to custom air vent grilles. Other products ranged from maintenance and restoration products to wireless wall switches, which requir no batteries.

Truly, the best part about attending such shows is learning about products that will make your log home more enjoyable. From lighting and plumbing wares to design and maintenance products, you’ll discover solutions to make your life easier.

Rustic Bathroom SinksMany people begin their search looking for log home manufacturers and somewhere along the way they discover that what they really want is a timberframe home.

Discovering the nuances of log homes and heavy timber construction is a learning process and log home shows provide the perfect setting for learning everything you need to know to choose the right product for your needs.

Log Home Booth DisplaySome manufacturers will actually build a small home on the convention hall floor to show their products close-up. Few things are as impressive as looking at the fine joinery of a timberframe roofline or a well-crafted log corner.

The next time a show is scheduled in your area, drop what you are doing, put on a comfortable pair of shoes and go for a visit!

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