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Design your own custom log home floor plans in 3-D

If you are the DIY type and have ideas as to how  you want your dream home to look, you owe it to yourself to try  your hand at designing it yourself.  Inexpensive software programs  offer you the chance to become your own architect.  Create  rooms, move walls, add windows, change the pitch of your roof or  create that spacious closet just by dragging your mouse. Try one of these floor plan software programs!

FloorPlan 3D FloorPlan® 3D

If you are building a custom home,  planning a remodel or home improvement project FloorPlan® 3Dhas ideas and inspiration to transform your  house to the home of your dreams. Extensive  materials library, assign your choice of materials  to everything, including flooring, wall surfaces,  exteriors and editable objects. Get more information…

PuPunch! Professional Home Design Floor Plan Software

Punch! Professional Home DesignThe #1 home design software for the past 7 years. is the home design software package that lets  you design all of the critical components for your  home. Beginners will appreciate the simple drag &  drop functions for windows, doors, landscape  plantings, building materials, color and other  functions. And you’ll be amazed at our powerful 3D  graphics engine that lets you create real-time walk  or fly-throughs – for a Hollywood-style voyage  through your new creation! Learn more…

3D Home Architect

180x150 Home Architect3D Home Architect created the most  consumer-friendly home design software packages for  more than ten years and has led the way in ease of  use for new users and won acclaim for developing  powerful software applications for designers to  showcase their residential home design and landscape  design creations. Their landscape design software is  especially geared toward do it yourself remodeling,  redesigns, gardens, and interior decoration.

Garden and Landscape Design

Software for Novice or Professionalslooking to plan, design, and build the ultimate outdoor experience for their home. This landscape and deck design software comes packed with deck design tools, drag and drop outdoor furniture and plants, and much, much more!  Create A New Outdoor Living Space. Design faster and add the professional touch.

Also: Drag & drop landscape groupings. Jump start your creativity in a few mouse clicks! Ready-to-use lanscape groupings provide the inspiration; and it’s easy to edit selections. Just open the file, or drag & drop, and you are designing!  Click here to create the yard of your dreams with Punch! Landscape, Deck and Patio Designer™.

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Log Home Design tip!

Start with the BIG picture.  Begin with the structure, the look of the home of your dreams.  Then drill down to laying out the interior rooms – sizes, placement in the home, etc.  When developing room dimensions, keep in mind that logs are thick; a 12 x 12 bedroom shrinks considerably when your walls are 8-12″ (or more) deep.  Look for opportunities to add built-ins wherever possible; shelves, closets and cabinets conveniently spaced will help to control the inevitable clutter that always appears from nowhere

Although your architect or log home manufacturer will meet the code standards for things like electrical outlets, consider adding more than what the average code calls for in rooms that will have high demands.  Decide where you will place your entertainment centers, computers and other such gear and make allowances for such needs.

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