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Replacing Log Stairs

Log Home Wood Rot

In a recent blog posting, I talked about a personal experience I had with wood rot. A log staircase that was seldom used and in need off fresh stain, was showing the need for some TLC when the snow melted.

I discovered that wood rot was much more advanced than I had originally realized. We needed more than a coat of stain; we needed a new staircase.

Log Craftsmen at Work!

Montana Log Homes delivered my new log staircase and didn’t require any help from me so I watched this process and filmed two professional doing what they do best.

What this video doesn’t show was the extraordinary care taken when removing the old staircase. Not knowing what ‘blind’ fastening points might exist, they had to proceed slowly so as not to damage the deck or support posts. An interesting experience for me. I invite you to see other Montana Log Homes masterpieces here.

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