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DIY Log Corners and Accent Lighting

Let there be light . . . and logs, too!

Our main living area already has a lot of wood trim and accents that look absolutely marvelous, the wood planked ceiling, door and window casings, six-panel doors, wainscoting, etc. Although it is beautiful, wood is darker than plaster and absorbs light. Solution? Add more lights – and throw in a few more logs too!

How to DIY

I purchased a 10″ (diameter) log from a local sawmill and had it quartered lengthwise so that the four sections could fit in the corners of our room. I plowed dados in the back of the logs to run power for the light fixtures.

The finished product shows the logs installed in the corners of the room with the light fixtures pointing toward the ceiling. 

A close up of a finished log with light fixture. 

Because of the round surface, I needed to either recess the light fixture base or elevate it.  I decided to carve out an opening and added a board to elevate the fixture. 

The logs were bolted to the wall using 10″ lag bolts that were recessed from the surface of the log. 

This picture shows a plug that has been glued and hammered into a bolt hole.  After it dried, the plug was sawed flush and sanded to be level with the surface.