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Log Home Maintenance

Sooner or later you will need to re-stain your log home. The UV rays of the sun, harsh weather, rain, snow and time will gradually remove your finish or cause it to fade, and the logs to stain. This video shows you how to use a pressure-washer to remove the old finish.

Regardless of the size of your home, this is a big job, but if you do it right it is manageable and can be done by one person. The key is having the right tools to assist with the project. Those tools consist of a “Stick Boom” (man lift platform) and a good pressure-washer machine.

DIY vs Hiring a crew

“Doing It Yourself” is something I reserve for fun projects normally, but when it comes to saving thousands of dollars for a few days work, I’ll take on some of those dreaded chores. Stripping old finish and re-staining is one of those projects. The cost of materials included 6 gal. of stain and renting a stick boom for an outlay of approximately $500. To hire a company to perform this job it would have cost in the neighborhood of $4000+. Three days after I started, my garage/shop had a new coat of stain and I saved a few thousand dollars.

Stick Boom

Going up…

Although not a piece of equipment you’d want to buy, renting a stick boom (man lift working platform) will make any job manageable. I’m not fond of stationary heights, so extension ladders and me are not friendly. A stick boom can make maintenance on anything above your head a piece of cake! The are available in varying boom lengths and most cities have companies who rent such equipment.

Even if you have never seen such a beast close up, within minutes you’ll be operating it like a pro. All of the controls have illustrations to show you what each button does and after a 5 minute practice on your driveway, you’ll be driving around and reaching crevices you could never imagine. More information on these boom lifts…