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DIY “How To”

So, you want to “Do It Yourself”?

I can’t say that I blame you. If you’re a crafty sort, the idea of building your own home is a powerful motivator that strikes a chord way down in the primal nerve. As with any endeavor, there are always tricks to the trade, and knowledge overcomes experimentation every time. Also, be sure to check out our books and videos, learn from the masters and shorten your learning curve.

DIY Log & Timber Home Accents

Exposed logs and beams in your interior rooms don’t always have to be part of your building’s support structure. In addition, these “add-ons” can often be used to hide wiring or plumbing or cover defects. We offer a number of ideas and show you how to “Do It Yourself” and save plenty of money. Find out how to add corner logs and create a “faux” ceiling beam.

Timberframe ‘hollow’ ceiling beam supports a ceiling fan and unsightly wiring with the look of a solid structural beam. The perfect solution for making an ordinary plastered room look like a traditional timber frame showpiece! More…

Log Picture frames

Learn how to make rustic picture frames from round logs. How to rip your logs to provide squared surfaces and how to cut the channel for your picture and glass. Learn more about DIY log picture frames.

Here’s a great video about building rustic picture frames.

Replacing Log Steps

When wood rot or neglect prevent you from repairing, it’s time to replace. In this case, wood rot had infected exterior steps that had not been sealed properly. Step-by-step guide on replacing log steps.  Also see the Log bLog post that discussed this…

Log Railing Repairs (a Quick Fix)

How to add a temporary, cosmetic fix to a log railing without replacing the logs. How to keep the weather from attacking your logs as a result of checking and unprotected wood.

 The Ultimate Indoor Firewood Rack!

Imagine a firewood storage solution that holds enough wood to feed your wood stove for days, hides your matches and fire starters in a concealed drawer, is mounted on unseen casters to accommodate easy loading, has stylish wrought iron supports and looks like a custom piece of rustic furniture. Better still, how would you like free plans that tell you how to build this project and shows you step-by-step how to DIY? Read the entire story…

DIY Log Home Maintenance – Stripping & Staining Logs

Sooner or later you will need to re-stain your log home. We produced a video that shows you how to do it right. Including the tools you will need and some great tips from an experienced log home owner. Watch the video below...

Log railing – gate

This will keep your dogs or small children on the deck and off the stairs. Discover how we created a DIY gate to add security while it complements our custom log railing. This is a great weekend project that requires few tools and looks like a million bucks when completed! More…

DIY log corner accents

create the look of authentic support timbers. What’s more, these decorative quarter-sawn logs also conceal wiring for lights, plumbing and even all those wires from the new Hi-def entertainment components you installed. See this DIY project…

Log Home TipDIY Ideas…

As you decorate and undertake different DIY projects around the house, don’t forget the basics.  Just as matting and a frame complete a wall hanging, accents like crown molding and wainscoting can dress up a plain room and add that touch of wood that ties everything together! This is a great help when remodeling rooms that have plaster walls and you want to blend the space with adjoining rooms of log walls or timbered ceilings.

Most log home owners furnish their homes with a rustic flair.  Hopefully these examples will give you some great ideas.

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