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As you begin your quest to build, buy or renovate a log home or cabin, you will be searching for good log home information, and that is one of the primary reasons this directory exists – and why it has become so popular over the years.

Handcrafted or milled

One of the first questions you will need to answer regards the type of log home you want to build. Are you looking for a home where the logs are symmetrical, such as 8″ round logs, or is the look of irregular shaped logs the effect you want to achieve? Milled logs can be round or rectangular, but they all have the same dimensions where a handcrafted home will utilize logs in their natural dimensions. This video explains how a handcrafted log home is built.

A milled log home is less expensive to build and offers many differences from a handcrafted home. Because of the way the logs fit together, the need for chinking is often a cosmetic addition rather than a needed component to seal out the weather.

Even if you are an experienced home builder or have had a home built for you in the past, building and maintaining a log home is a unique experience.  Construction methods and even the terminology used in log homes is different from conventional ‘stick-build’ homes. As one example, ‘Chink‘… now there is a strange word. I guess that before the days of calking and glaze, one had to call that stuff you crammed between logs for insulation something. So, why not chink?

Log Home School

If you are the DIY type or want a hands-on approach to building your log home or cabin, the best place to get information is an approved training program provider. You will learn handcrafted log construction in several styles for application in both residential and commercial projects with these time honored traditional skills.  In addition, you can learn Log Home Care, Maintenance & Restoration practices. The requisite skills to build with logs from scratch are also required to tackle a wide variety of log replacement tasks.

Lasko School of Log Building Come and learn the needed skills to build with logs in a hands-on Log Building Program – or now, stay home and learn at your own pace through the Lasko eSchool of Log Building, Inc.! ON-line, interactive and complete. Learn at your own pace – and save on costs of attending traditionally!
Phone:   317 690-2325
Name:    William M. Lasko
City:      Martinsville
ST:        IN
Zip:       46151
Type:    Log Home Construction School

Log Home Supply Sources

Got Chink?

Perma-Chink Systems is the largest and most experienced manufacturer of sealants, stains and finishes, preservatives and restoration products for your log home. Perma-Chink Systems provides everything needed to seal, protect and beautify your log home, and delivers directly to your doorstep. Our completely compatible product line and professional guidance enables you to complete any preservation, maintenance, restoration, finish or sealing project yourself.

Blairstown Distributors Inc. is one of the oldest and presently the largest WOODguard Dealership in the country. We ship a variety of Log Home supplies and products (exterior & interior) nationwide and
internationally from our 25,000 square foot warehouse in eastern Pennsylvania.
Email:  Online Form
Phone:   800-524-1093
Fax:     570-897-7158
Address: 124 Allegheny Road
City:    M. Bethel
ST:      PA
Zip:     18343
Type:   Repair & Renovation
I Chink The chinking on a log home is a finishing touch whether it is done during the construction process or years later in order to keep the interior warm and keep the bugs and weather in the outdoors where they belong. Besides conserving energy and protecting the structure from insects and decay damage, chinking the log joints offers the opportunity control the look of your home in a number of ways.
Phone:  360-457-0958
Address: P. O. Box 24
City:    Port Angeles
ST:      WA
Zip:     98362
I-Wood-Care Professional Log Home Maintenance Supplies. Since 1994, Iwood Care has been providing quality log home preservation products to manufacturers, dealers, contractors and log home owners alike. Our products are unique to the log home industry.
Phone:  1-800-721-7715
Fax:     607-674-2549
First:    Dick
Last:    Alger
Address: P.O. Box 613, 108 North Main Street
City:     Sheburne
ST:      NY
Zip:      13460
Type:   Repair & Renovation
Log Care Solutions Chinking, Log Stain, Permachink, Woodguard and Sikkens at Log Care Solutions.
Phone:   828-625-8022
Address:  333 Maple
City:      Fresno
ST:        CA
Zip:       93720
Type:    Repair & Renovation
Log Finish where you will find all the products you need to maintain the beauty and integrity of your Log Home!
Phone:  888-208-2248
Fax:     828-625-2077
Address: P.O. Box 608
City:    Lake Lure
ST:      NC
Zip:     28746
Type:   Repair & Renovation
Schroeder Log Home Supply Quality products for log homes including log home wood finishes, log home caulking and chinking, log building tools and More!
Email:   Online Form
Phone:   800-359-6614
Fax:     800-755-3249
Address: 1101 SE 7th Avenue
City:    Grand Rapids
ST:      MN
Zip:     55744
Type:   Repair & Renovation
Weatherall Company Log Home Sealant System that Preserves & Protects. Designs, tests and manufactures products for the log home industry. Log Home Sealant System.
Phone:  800-367-7068
Fax:     812-256-2344
Address: 1420 E Main Street
City:    New ALbany
ST:      IN
Zip:     47150
Type:   Repair & Renovation

Maintaining a log home requires more attention than most typical homes. These companies can assist you in choosing the best products to guard against harsh weather conditions, mold, rot and other challenges to wood.

Wood Calculators

Here is a series of wood calculators, which will make your lumber and timber related estimating a little easier. The calculators “remember” previous calculations, and generate a running report of entries and subtotals. Also included is a tree value calculator. See calculators…

Log Home InformationDIY Log & Timberframe Building

A lot of people choose the do-it-yourself method of building their log home or hunting cabin. There is more to this than the typical “stick built” system of construction. To get the knowledge required to work with timbers and even “no nail” construction, you’ll want to attend a school. These training schools are available all over the country. See the most popular log and timber frame schools here.