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A Log Home Company Goes Away

A log home company in Tennessee closed their doors this past week.  I have not confirmed all the details so I will not publicly name the company.  The message we must all take from such an action is the classic ‘Buyer Beware” warning we have heard so often.  At no time in recent memory has it been more important for us as consumers to perform a thorough due diligence before we commit to such a large expenditure as a home.

In an economy as battered as this one, we have already seen this happen to other large and small companies alike. Sometimes there are warnings or industry rumblings and sometimes the news catches everyone by surprise, with the one possible exception of the bank calling the loans.

Unfortunately, there will be many people that suffer as a result of this action. There will be home buyers that paid deposits for homes that may never be delivered, employees who find themselves out of a job, vendors with unpaid invoices and dealers that represented the company and now have no product to sell.

Message to log home buyers…

The vast majority of log home companies (manufacturers, builders, etc.) are reliable, well-managed and trustworthy businesses. Doing business with them can be a pleasant and fulfilling experience. However, in any economic climate, we must always research a company and conduct our due diligence before we sign contracts and part with our money.

Message to log home dealers…

If you are a log home dealer who suddenly finds yourself without a manufacturer to represent, I invite you to contact me.  I had a phone call today from one of the large log home manufacturers that would like to talk with any ‘displaced’ dealers that may be looking for a new opportunity. This manufacturer has a solid reputation and is experiencing growth both in the USA, Canada and in offshore markets.

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