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Log Home Industry… Are You Ready?

One of the things that make editing this blog so interesting is that our audience spans the entire spectrum of the log home community.  Based on blog comments, inquiries and email I’ve received through the years, our readers include major log home manufacturers, architects, builders, dealers and of course, people interested in buying, building or maintaining a log or timber frame home. 

As you might expect, catering to such varied interest levels can be a challenge, but in this day and age, the one thing we can all agree upon is that this medium of ours is changing the way all of us do business, research and communicate with each other.  Think about these staggering statistics…  the time it took different media to reach 50 million people:

  • It took radio 38 years
  • It took television 13 years
  • It took the Internet 4 years
  • It took iPod 3 years
  • It took Facebook 2 years to reach an audience of 50 million

Gulp!  If you are in the log home business, do you have a Facebook account yet?  Is your company website fresh and updated?  Do you have a blog?  Do you Twitter?  Or, if you are a consumer and researching the idea of building a log home, how many log home websites have you visited?  Have you joined any log home groups, forums or email lists? 

The point I’m making is that things are changing rapidly regardless of what side of the counter you are on.  Sellers and buyers are reaching each other in new and different ways and staying up with these changes can be a daunting task. However, utilizing these tools can mean better deals and making more informed decisions for all concerned.  Imagine this… in 2006 there were 2.7 billion searches on Google every month. Today there are 31 billion searches EVERY month.  In three years, the traffic is up ten-fold! 

Sony Corporation played this video at an executive conference recently and it is the source for the statistics I’ve quoted above.  Watch this and think about what it might mean to your business.

A few days ago I published a post, Log Home Interest is Heating Up.  To be sure… we are in a terrible recession or depression (whatever you choose to call it), but life will proceed and people will once again be building new log homes.  They will be using the Internet to learn everything they can about every aspect of our business…

Are we ready?

2 comments to Log Home Industry… Are You Ready?

  • Great article, Tom.

    And the point isn’t that every log home provider/manufacturer get all piranha-like and spam the users of these great sites with unsolicited, jargon filled sales-ese nonsense.

    We (all log home enthusiasts) have a passion about log homes and the log home lifestyle.

    That means we (who are supposed to be the authorities on the subject) get to help people. Real-life issues. Real-life help. It’s about building relationships.

    NOT the typical “I’ll scratch your back IF you scratch mine.” Those days are over.

    For us at Caribou Creek:

    A fresh website is launching in a few days…

    I use Linkedin regularly — and made sure to add a company page. I maintain a presence on Activerain.

    Facebook, Twitter are yet to be used heavily (by me at least).

    Maybe most importantly — I have a page at LogHomeU…and I always read every article you write, Tom!

    Thanks — keep up the great work!

  • Tom


    Looking forward to seeing your new website, and thank you for the compliment and your insightful comments.

    Anyone who professes to know everything about what’s HOT and what’s not regarding online marketing is most likely someone who is interested in separating you from your money… I study the trends and get involved where I THINK it makes sense. Sometimes I waste my time, other times I find an audience that wants to share in my message.

    As an example, I was slow to accept the need for a blog, but 100+ posts later I believe that a blog is one of the best ways to keep the dialog between a company and their audience (prospects) alive.

    Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. permit us to extend our reach and solidify our relationships with people of like minds. The challenge is identifying those sites that have real promise. There are literally hundreds of such sites, but only a handful are worthy of your time.

    It’s no different from the decisions every business makes with their advertising resources… there are unlimited places to buy advertising; the trick is to identify those that reach your market and deliver a quantifiable return.

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