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The devil’s in the details!

Much of the fun in building a log or timberframe home is the design process. Converting that dream of yours into a workable structure is an art – and a science. It is one thing to see a home design that you like in a magazine or a photograph, but it can be a challenge nailing down the details, and if you ever built a home… there are a lot of details!

How large will the rooms need to be to accommodate your requirements, where do you put the bathrooms and how big do you want you master closet; these are just a few of the countless things you will need to consider. When you start to seriously contemplate the number of rooms, dimensions, windows, lofts and all the other features of a modern log home, it can get overwhelming.

This is why we hire an architectural firm, or rely on a log home manufacturer’s in-house architects to formalize our ideas. Whether you are hiring a professional firm or using your supplier’s staff, you will still want to have something drawn up from which they can work their magic. They will need a place to start…

May of us clip pictures from magazines and augment those beautiful facades with clunky drawings of our initial ideas for room designs and interior features. Those of us who are more adventurous (or obtuse) take things a step further by sketching copious details on reams of paper. Trust me – if you are planning on drawing your ideas out on paper, you’d better order a truck load of drafting supplies.

There is a better way and one that can be thoroughly enjoyable. DIY design software is cheap and easy to use, even if you are not a computer whiz. Today’s off the shelf software programs offer simple drag & drop functions for room sizing, adding windows, doors, landscape plantings, building materials, colors and a multitude of other necessary functions.

You can design all of the critical components for your log or timberframe home from the foundation to your roof. In addition, you can add HVAC, electrical wiring, plumbing, custom windows, custom roof designs, and even create real-time walk or fly-throughs – for a Hollywood-style production of your new creation!

For less than the cost of a dinner out, you can all but finalize that dream of yours into a workable house plan. Besides being a lot of fun, it is a marvelous exercise to be able to move a wall here and open a room there, add a picture window or reverse the layout of an entire floor. Maybe you don’t need 5 bedrooms, just 4 larger rooms; drag your mouse and make the change!

When you have your ideal plan completed, all you need to do is pass it along to your architect and let them make the critical adjustments or suggest other options. By playing with this software first, you will have a better idea of what is possible and what might not work. Also, providing such detail to your architect could cut days or weeks and many dollars off your budget.

We have identified a number of inexpensive software solutions that you may want to check out. Be sure to visit the Log Cabin Directory to learn how you can design your own custom floorplan like a pro!

Enjoy – this is part of the fun!

3 comments to Log Home Floorplans

  • PrecisionCraft Log & Timber Homes

    Yes, much of the fun in building a log home is in the design phase. The design phase is actually the most critical step in the journey – setting the way for a successful building project. Many people often do not give design the attention it needs. And, others don’t know where to begin in actualizing their dream log home. Check out – a new blog featuring the latest in log home floor plans & design.

  • Janice

    I looked at the software programs you listed on your page and a couple of those were really surprising. I thought such programs were expensive, so seeing those prices was an eye opener. I bought the $69 Home Design Suite and I can’t wait to start playing with it. Unfortunately, my home PC died last weekend and I am trying to rebuild everything so it might be a while before I can load my program.

    Anyway, thanks for the information, this was timely for us.

  • SandyVTW

    I agree, the design is so much fun. Seeing it come together and WORK is a great feeling. I looked at your floor plans, very nicely done. Happy Timber Framing!

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