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Log Home Fall Project List

I mentioned the word ‘Fall’ to my bride yesterday and you’d have thought I brought up the name of an old girlfriend.  She did NOT want to acknowledge that summer was slipping away or that fall was anywhere near approaching.

Well duh, “we just watched the Pittsburgh Steelers play football a few days ago… what does that tell you”? (I made the mistake of saying that out loud).  Like any good husband with decades of experience, I changed the subject immediately and announced that we should go out for dinner that night.

My wife may not acknowledge that fall is around the corner, but those of us that need to prepare for winter are acutely aware that these warm sunny days are numbered. To make matters worse, only one project I had planned for this summer got finished.  That was the job of replacing the log steps in the front of the house.  If you missed it, you can read about it here.

My other big projects are also time-consuming and physically demanding.  I need to re-stain the front (western side) of our log home and that means the deck, railings and about a thousand log balusters (spindles).  It always looks so beautiful when that job is done, but I sure don’t look forward to it.

Another priority is the annual firewood project. It gets chilly in Montana, so having enough wood to see us through the winter is a must. I probably have about half of what I’ll need, which is seasoned and ready to burn.  The other trees I will take down are standing dead and may only need a couple months to dry out.

So, my wife may think its still summer, but I’m looking at the calendar and trying to figure out when I can stain, cut wood, patch that driveway, caulk… and leave time for football.  How about you, did you get your summertime chores done or are you scrambling like me?

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