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Earlier this year I wrote two articles that dealt with my (and many others’) love affair with log homes and log and rustic furnishings. Those articles were entitled, Why is log furniture so popular? and Log Homes and Log Furniture – The Norman Rockwell Effect.

My affinity for ‘all things log’ prompted me to launch our directories and of course, this blog. In researching another article, I revisited some statistics I had seen before and thought you might find some of this interesting. Much of this information is attributed to the Log Home Living Institute and other snippets I stumbled upon while doing my research.

  • The U.S. and Canadian log home industry produced 26,647 log homes in calendar year 2003. Of these 26,093 were constructed in the United States and 554 were constructed in Canada or other international countries.
  • Since the mid-1980’s, the log home industry has averaged 15,000 home sale units annually. By 2003 that has increased 73%
  • The log-home industry is capturing 7 percent of the custom-home market in the USA.
  • Recent studies have confirmed an industry-wide belief that log homes are more popular as primary than secondary residences.
  • Professionals make up the majority of new log home buyers. While they are usually career achievers, one of their primary motives is a desire to escape the city with a more natural, less hectic environment.
  • People who decide on log homes generally take two years to study and plan their dream homes, in contrast to six or seven months for the conventional buyer.
  • Jeremy Bertrand, executive director with the Log Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders, notes baby boomers are keeping log home popular.

We “baby boomers” most likely acquired our initial interest in log homes as a result of the back-to-the-earth movement of the 1960s. While the return of the log home as a primary residence has exploded in recent years, with this has also come new building choices, sophisticated refinements and hundreds of options and modern conveniences. The log homes of Oprah Winfrey and Phil Jackson do not resemble the log cabin of Abe Lincoln.

2 comments to Log Home Factoids

  • Amish Furniture

    Thats an informative article. Could you upload some pictures of log homes including oprah winfrey’s? how different are they from regular homes?

  • Logman

    Thanks for taking the time to omment…Unfortunately, I don’t collect pictures of “celebrity” log homes. But I can promise you that if you browse a few pages of our Log Cabin Directory, you will see many examples of homes built for the “famous” – and for the rest of us. Most of the builders and manufacturers proudly display pictures of their handiwork.

    The point I was making is that (like so many things in life), money can mean the difference between a humble one room log cabin – and a palatial 10,000 sq. foot timberframe mansion. Depending upon one’s budget, a log home today can include everything from sophisticated off-the-grid electric systems to world-class gourmet kitchens, computer controlled security and indoor swimming pools. Log homes today have evolved to meet the needs and desires of a more affluent consumer.

    It wasn’t that many years ago that a log home was considered by many to be little more than a seasonal vacation cabin or weekend getaway camp. Few people considered such a structure as a primary residence. Log homes today include every amenity that is available for a “conventional” (brick, stick-built, etc.) house.

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