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Log Home DIY Maintenance

Wood rot… the ever-present foe of the log home owner.  It can be a hidden pocket that forms in a log, an area where water runoff isn’t properly diverted, or it can be right in front of your nose.

This first image is a close-up of one of the stair treads leading up to our deck (photo taken 2008).

Okay, yes… I’m embarrassed to admit that I missed this, but we never used these stairs.  Our main entry is under the deck.

Anyway, I discovered that the stair treads were rotting in 2008. After I began to poke and dig out the rot, I was surprised to see the extent to which it had decayed.  If we had been using the steps, we would have felt and seen the tell-tale signs of rot.  As it happened, we just thought it was time to stain again…

I wanted to get another year or two down the road before I replaced the stairs, so I cut 1 x 12 boards to fit the stair treads.  Even with two coats of exterior stain, they began to lift and warp within a year.

While the 2010 glaciers were still melting in our front yard, I paid a visit to Montana Log Homes here in Kalispell and talked about my problem with owner, Brad Neu.

A couple days later Brad dropped by to take measurements and evaluate the installation process. He explained how the stairs would be cut and fitted at his log yard and delivered here as one unit to be installed in place of the old rotting stairs.

Readers of this blog know that I pride myself as being a DIY type who is seldom afraid to tackle any project. Until I spoke with Brad, I fully intended to buzz-up the trees and install these stairs myself.

This week, Montana Log Homes delivered my new steps and installed them.  The “pros” who installed these stairs didn’t require any help from “yours truly” so I had the opportunity to film the install process.

I think you will find this very interesting, but you’re going to have to wait a day or two for me to finish editing the video.  I found it to be a very interesting process and I think you will also.  Check back here tomorrow for the video showing how to remove and replace a set of log stairs.

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