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Two founders of Town & Country Cedar Homes, a locally based provider of cedar homes and building products, have reassumed ownership of the operations.

Steve Biggs and Bob Kinney started Town & Country in 1983 as a successor company to Boyne Falls Log Homes. A company news release noted that outside investors helped fuel the company’s growth as a provider of high-end, luxury log and timbers homes in U.S. and Japanese markets, and became the major shareholders.  See the rest of the story here…

Preservation & Maintenance of Log Structures

The purpose of this presentation is to include this historical perspective of log maintenance to a discussion relevant to today’s log homes. When contemplating designing, building, and living in a log structure, what features and methods will ensure the permanent quality of the structure?  From the Log Homes Council.

Timber Frame Dovetail

You gotta appreciate the craftsmanship.

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