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Log Home Companies Gets Social Media Assist and Marketing Boost

Press Release Today

It’s official, the announcement of the changes here at the Log Home Directory is now public in the form of a Press Release that hit today. We have been working on this project for months and although we are still not done chasing down some programming bugs and making design tweaks, overall we’re pleased with where things stand today.  Read Press Release here.

For years, people have been asking to be able to manage their own listing without having to wait for me to make time to modify their record.  As you might expect, creating a database application that permits people to open an account and be able to add/modify their listing required a massive amount of planning and programming.

With social media now virtually a requirement for doing business online, and the numerous ‘must have’ social accounts gaining in importance, we knew it would be a huge benefit to companies if we permitted them to link their social sites along with their website and blog. With our new format, every company can add their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn links to their business listing. This will not only help them gain followers and increase exposure for their company, but it also adds juice to their SEO efforts. My vision when we started planning this was to offer every business an all-inclusive listing that would serve as a mini website to help promote their business. This is why we allow a generous company description, a Google map to their location, a thumbnail picture of their website, all contact data and links to all social sites they use to promote their business.

 A rising tide lifts all ships

We are collectively suffering from the ramifications of the worst economy in the history of our country, and the housing industry has literally been decimated. Our niche has been hurt possibly more than the overall housing market and I personally don’t think our salvation will come from decisions being made inside the beltway of Washington, DC.  I am a firm believer in the old adage that “A rising tide lifts all ships”.  I have been in the Internet business since 1993 and I know a little something about SEO and social media marketing, and I want to help our industry rise above this economic nightmare. That is why I am offering a free copy of my book, “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide” at no cost to every company that adds a link back to this directory from any page on their website.

The way I see it, the more people we can introduce to the joys of living in a log or timber frame home, the more our industry as a whole will benefit. If you own or work for a log home company and have not yet claimed your listing in this directory, I encourage you to do so and leverage the power of SEO by adding your links to one of the industry’s oldest, largest and best optimized websites.

Best regards,
Tom Heatherington, Author

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