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Log Home Building Questions

A question was asked in the comment section of a previous post. This question is one that everyone who is planning to build a log home asks at some point so I decided to answer it here rather than as a sub-comment.

We have been planing our log home project fo more than 10 years now and were thinking that we might start talking to builders this summer. Then this economy slump came out of nowhere and we delayed our plans and went back to reviewing our project file. Now that we’re this close, we started to scrutinize every detail and realized there were so many things we just haven’t yet considered. What do you tell people about making the right decisions in these areas. We don’t have the money to make any mistakes.  -Jerry & Jennifer

Jerry & Jennifer, welcome to the world of home building and decision remorse… just kidding…. I’m being facetious.  Your question is valid, and one that I have heard from many people over the years.

Building a log home is usually a first time experience for most people – in fact, building any type of home is a new adventure as the vast majority of home buyers purchase an existing home. For the most part, the building decisions are quite similar, but the log home or timber frame home will require additional considerations.

The best advice I would offer you is to choose your log home manufacturer and/or builder very carefully. Do your research on the company(s). Talk to references, try to visit other homes they have built and get every detail committed to a formal contract.

You’re right about this terrible economy putting a crimp in many people’s plans, but the good news is that interest rates are low and log home builders and manufacturers have sharpened their pencils. I met with a fellow this week who owns a building supply company and he told me that 2×4’s cost less today than they did 30 years ago. Materials are down across the board because demand has dropped and this means less costs for you.

Excuse the shameless self promotion, but our Log Home Directory is a good resource for you in researching companies and components for your new log home. Although you can find drop-down navigation links on every page, here’s some of the main areas you may want to visit.

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  • Shameless plug 🙂 — And of course be sure to read the Industry Insider Interviews that Tom has done (is doing) with various Log Home Companies. You can find them on this blog. Even though I participated in one, I love reading the others! Lots of really great info and company history.

    Rick Friesen

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