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In my last post, I attempted to answer a question from a reader who asked, “Who makes the best log homes“. I received a couple of emails and comments on this blog about that post. Today I’ll make another suggestion to anyone still pondering this question…

If you recall, my advice was to do your research and make your own decision. I wasn’t avoiding the question, it was simply one that really can’t be answered with someone’s recommendation. One of the best ways to get a good feel for log home manufacturers, builders and related products and services is to attend a show.

Log home and timberframe shows are very popular and the new season for such events is just getting started. There are not many of these events in the summer, but fall and spring will see shows and expos being held all over the country. I just finished updating the list of upcoming shows and you can see the schedule for log home shows here.

If you decide to attend a show, take a notebook and don’t forget to grab a camera. You will get some great ideas and the best memory jogger is a picture of that corner style, railing design or other feature you want to include in your dream home.

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