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Log Finishes (and 100 posts)

Editor’s side note: WOW, today marks the 100th. post to this blog. That’s a real milestone and I would like to thank those of you who have been watching me stumble through this process. Hope you’ll subscribe to this feed and stick around for the next 100 postings. Thanks!

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m the DIY-type and I really enjoy doing the maintenance and repairs around my log home. I think I subscribe to just about every log home magazine and daily alerts from Google about what’s happening in the log home industry.

Today I spotted a press release from Bond Distributing, Ltd. about a new product of theirs that comes with an impressive guarantee. According to their release, Bond Distributing are developers and distributors of advanced wood protection technology and they announced a guarantee that warrants log homes protected by One TIME® WOOD will never require corn cob blasting or stripping. Read the entire press release here…

That opening statement got my attention as like many of you, I’ve been struggling with the finish of my home for many years now. Currently, I have a finish applied from a large well-known commercial brand that boasts a 5 year guarantee. In their defense, all of my verticals are holding up very well. However, my horizontal lumber can’t seem to last 2 years. My decking, railings and stairs need new applications every 1 or 2 years.

Granted, my home is located in a ‘challenging’ environment, NW Montana is not as kind to outdoor surfaces as other parts of the country. However, the company that offers this guarantee does not say “Guaranteed everywhere but Montana”, so I can only assume that I am included in that warranty. Okay, I’m digressing, but I’m very interested in this subject because I do the work and anything that makes me do less work, less often gets my attention.

So, my question for you log home owners or product manufacturers is… “What’s your take on this new One TIME® WOOD product? Is anyone familiar with it or has used it yet? On the same subject, what works for you – what products have you used that live up to their guarantee? I am REALLY interested in your responses because this summer I will once again be reapplying a finish to all my horizontals. Comment below, or send me an email and share your thoughts.

– Visit the One TIME® WOOD website
– See the (new) Log Home Directory

2 comments to Log Finishes (and 100 posts)

  • Anonymous

    Man, this is a timely article as I’m facing the same project this Spring and I have a huge deck. This product sounds good, but I’d sure like to hear from someone who has used it. Or, if people know of something that will last better than the junk you get at Home Depot.

  • Anonymous

    I never heard of it, but I have used 2 other stains. So far I can’t find anything that lasts on my deck longer than one year.

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