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Log Cabin in a KY Barn

Not a week goes by that I don’t hear from someone having a special request outside of the regular business of this blog.  I’ve had people ask where they could find unique products, how to build a primitive log cabin, and even how to dismantle a log home.

Log Cabin ExampleToday’s unique request is from a company trying to locate the owner of a dismantled log cabin that is stored in a barn in Kentucky. A copy of the ad they are placing in local newspapers is below:

LOG CABIN – Seeking the owner of a deconstructed log cabin who stored the logs in a barn on a farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. The farm owner can no longer store the logs. Please contact Edith Sommer of Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs, LLP at (502) 562-7166.

I know the odds are probably better that I’ll win the Lottery this week than we’ll locate the owner of these logs, but you never know.

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  • wayne poe

    Is there a site where prospective buyers can go to find out if there are any existing log homes for sale. We have one for sale at this time and looking for avenues to reach potential buyers.

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