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PrecisionCraft Log Home’s Work with the industry’s most honored and respected design firm. Get a design that matches your unique lifestyle, budget, architectural preference and location.  Browse their most popular floor plans… PrecisionCraft Floor Plans
Log Cabin Homes  Traditional concepts combine with state-of-the-art technology and techniques in all of our comfortable, affordable, and infinitely variable designs.  See our most popular floor plans… Log Cabin Homes - Most Popular Floor Plans
Honest Abe Log Homes for over 30 years their commitment to quality and value has established their well deserved reputation. See their floor plans to learn why… Honest Abe Log Homes - 10 most popular floor plans
Montana Log Homes  handcrafted log homes as unique as its owner. Learn about our unparalleled attention to detail and the pride of our expert craftsmen. Turn your dreams into reality… Montana Log Homes Custom Floor Plans
Mountain Creations  cedar log home packages and log cabin kits are custom designed to fit your exact log home design; browse their custom floor plans. Mountain Creations Cedar Log Homes
American Log Homes  offers the dynamic combination of absolute expertise, dedication, quality and commitment. They wrote the book on log homes… Log Home Floor Plans from American Log Homes
Golden Eagle Log Homes a dedicated group of people devoted to the time honored tradition of quality workmanship. Check out our popular plans… Golden Eagle's most popular log home floor plans!
Rocky Mountain Log Homes is a manufacturer of log cabins and houses, lodges, residential and commercial. Custom milled, handcrafted, log frame homes from these stunning floor plans. Rocky Mountain Log Homes
Southland Log Homes Find out what makes Southland Log Homes America’s Largest Log Home and Log Cabin Company and what log home living is about. See our beautiful log home and log cabin floor plans!
Southland Log Homes most popular floor plans
Wisconsin Log Homes – don’t let their name mislead you, Wisconsin Log Homes is a global log home company that just happens to be based in Wisconsin.  See 10 of their best plans… Wisconsin Log Homes Floor Plans

Bookmark this page because these floor plans will change. Companies displaying their floor plans will offer new plans as they become available. Many websites and magazines offer one or two examples of a manufacturer’s floor plans. Here you can browse up to 10 plans from each company.

Regardless of the scale of your dream, choosing a floor plan that matches your vision is the key to making it become your reality.

Floor Planning? Get Inspired!

Log home companies and architects encourage you to be creative when you are designing your individual floor plan.  The manufacturer’s floor plans on these pages offer popular designs that have been built for previous customers, but no one will complain if you decide to move walls, reposition a bathroom or… add an indoor swimming pool.

Use these plans as your guide, but don’t feel confined to a particular plan’s dimensions or room placement.  You have complete control and the sooner you begin discussing specifics with your log home company, the sooner you will learn about other features you may have not considered.

Don’t be shy!  Ask questions and seek their advice.  The companies featured in this Floor Plan Showcase are all highly regarded manufacturers and they know that if you are satisfied, you will become their best source of future business.

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Log homes make a personal statement that says you choose a distinctive lifestyle. Finding the perfect floor plan is one of the first steps in turning that dream of yours into reality. Every home is unique and invariably you will want to make changes to any floor plan, but no one wants to begin this process with a blank sheet of paper… these floor plans will get you started!