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Log Burning?

Okay, here’s the mind picture… it’s fall and the leaves are beginning to turn, there’s a chill in the air, you’re sitting on your log home’s deck watching NFL football on a portable TV, there’s ice cold beer in the cooler and a cozy fire beside you.  No, your deck isn’t on fire… you’re sitting beside a portable fire pit!

I’m taking a side trip today from the business of log homes; I wanted to share an idea that caught my attention.  I love fall and cooking out when it’s cool and watching football, but I never considered a portable fire pit until today.  I was having one of those pointless surfing episodes while I was on the phone this morning – clicking through pages mindlessly. Someone had a link to a page that sells ‘Fire Pits‘ and it happened to catch my attention.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  Maybe you already have one… (I doubt I’m a trend setter in this area), but the mind picture above seems like a worthy plan.  I think our deck deserves a fire pit… and a portable TV, and don’t forget that cooler of beer!

2 comments to Log Burning?

  • Jeremy

    Hey Tom, you’re late to the party. We’ve had one of these for years and it is part of our cool weather routine on weekends. We have a widescreen TV that we can hook up through the kitchen window and our deck is covered, so even if it rains we watch the Packers game on Sundays. Our fire pot is placed by the railing so smoke is seldom a bother. But you’re right, it is a fun experience to enjoy the game outside, it is almost like being there.

  • Don’t forget to get the firepit accessories! Marshmallow and hotdog sticks for roasting! 🙂

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