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Log bLog Attacked!

If you visited this blog in the past two days, you may have seen an ugly message from Google if you were using the Firefox browser.  The message stated that this site was ‘unsafe” and the site (this blog) was blocked from view.

Every website owner’s worst nightmare is that their site might get hacked and used for unsavory purposes.  Unfortunately, such things happen to thousands of websites every day, and most owners never know it happened until Google or their web host informs them of the breach.

My hosting company contacted me about the same time that Google began to alert visitors.  Fortunately, I hire the talents of a crackerjack programmer from time to time and he began the job of cleaning and locking down my site immediately.  It took two days to purge 5 years worth of files and inform Google that we were free of any problematic scripts.

The good news is that I learned that we were not passing along any dangerous viruses or malware, it seems our site was being used for other purposes, but none aimed at our visitors.

So now I am back in the business of log homes and done playing the role of geek troubleshooter’s trusty sidekick. If you happened to see Google’s warning message, as Paul Harvey says, “and now you know the rest of the story”.

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