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Lincoln Logs for Little People

Most of us have kids or grand kids and there isn’t a more exciting time to be an adult than watching children open gifts on Christmas morning. Seeing their excitement and remembering our own Christmas adventures makes the whole experience magic.
I vividly remember a special Christmas when Santa delivered my first set of Lincoln Logs. I must have only been five or six years old, but that memory has lasted for decades. I was so excited! I think I played with that log cabin building set until the stain started to wear from the logs.  I was so fascinated with my log cabin building that my parents bought me another larger set for a later birthday or Christmas.  I remember playing for hours in my bedroom and outside in the ‘forest’ for added realism.  Yes, those were enchanting times!

A great reminder for your this Christmas… get the little ones their set of Lincoln Logs and experience that feeling all over again. Hey, somebody has to groom the next generation of log home builders and it may as well be us. Learn more about Lincoln Logs building sets here.


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