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Lighting makes the room

Lighting creates the mood . . .

One of Mark Twain’s most misquoted phrases is “clothes make the man“. What’s ironic is that Mr. Twain was not talking about gentleman’s attire, he was delivering a political pun. For some reason we seem to have forgotten the rest of that quote, “naked people have little or no influence on society“.

That now cleared up and I being fully clothed as I write this post, it is my hope that I might influence you when I say that “lighting makes the room“. One of the reasons log homes and rustic furnishings enjoy such popularity is the warm and friendly mood they create. There is a distinctive ambiance that just seems to ooze from such settings – if done properly.

Lighting plays a fundamental part in all facets of home design and interior decorating. Imagine what a beautiful great room of a timberframe lodge would look like if there were no windows. Without those portals to sunlight, a magnificent room is little more than a stack of symmetrical lumber. The same can be said for lighting such a room appropriately. If one were to hang florescent fixtures from that lodge’s beams we would have plenty of light, but the mood of the room would be austere and cold.

Choosing appropriate lighting fixtures, placement and even bulb wattage is crucial to creating the mood of a room. I spent some time browsing the product selection of one of our advertising partners and have pulled together a sampling of some of the most interesting lighting products you will find anywhere. See my recommended architecturally inspired lighting fixtures.

PS: If your lighting wish list includes antler chandeliers or lamps from elk, moose or deer, check out these antler lighting ideas.

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months and always enjoy you posts. Today I learned something I didn’t know. I was not aware that Twain made that famous quote and I also was not aware that there was more to that quote 🙂

    Thanks for the enjoyable and entertaining commentary. Great blog and I love your log home directory. Billy / WY

  • Montana Tom

    Thank you Billy for the kind words. Always pleased to hear that someone likes my feeble effort 🙂

    If you haven’t done so already, be sure and subscribe to this blog! Best…

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