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Labor Day Recap

Have you noticed that sometimes it doesn’t matter if you live in a log home or a glass house, things don’t always go as planned.  My bride and I decided that this Labor Day was to be “staycation” (stay at home vacation) and that we would spend it relaxing and catching-up on some honey-do chores and not start any major projects.

Well, it all started Friday evening when my wife received a call that one of her dogs was in labor… labor on Labor Day weekend… great timing.  I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my wife was the Exec. Director at the Humane Society, so she tends to get involved when such things take place.  Here it is, Monday evening, and after four trips to the Humane Society facility, our expectant mom has still not delivered her litter.  We wait… she labors.

Meanwhile, since my better half was occupied, I decided to tackle some tasks that were not on the list.  I chose to patch the blacktop, a pre-winter chore that I always dread.  Our driveway is 1/3 of a mile long and Montana winters are tough.  Sealing cracks to keep water from seeping under the road and freezing is a must-do project.  Bending over pouring a tar-like goop in cracks, spreading it and covering with sand… by the time I was done I was ready to visit the chiropractor. 

At 11:30 last night, the phone rang.  It was our daughter calling to say that a huge tree had fallen across the road about a mile from the house.  She said that it was a BIG tree and “could I grab my chain saw and come to her rescue”?  So, at midnight I’m sawing sections out of a tree that was about 20″ in diameter and had traffic backed up and people milling about marveling at how this tree came to rest on our road.  Someone had called 911, so volunteer firemen showed up with their chain saws and we cleared the road.

The Labor Day weekend is over (thank God), the driveway is ready for winter, the tree is cut up, the pup still hasn’t delivered her babies, and now I’m really ready for a vacation.  I’m glad these holidays don’t happen more frequently… I couldn’t survive more “time off”.

So how was your holiday weekend?

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