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Knowledge is power

I received an email from a lady in New York stating that she was confused by the amount of information and choices we provide in our Log Cabin Directory as it relates to finding a reputable log home builder in her area.

For practical reasons, we do not “rate” companies or single out one over another. I admit that in some states where there are 50-100+ dealers and builders listed, finalizing on one particular company can be quite a chore.

Unlike a generic “Yellow Page” listing, this is why we encourage companies to describe their products and services in depth and utilize the 500 character description we afford. Our goal is not to be just another listing service, but to offer consumers information from which they can make an informed decision.

I’ll be the first one to admit that the biggest problem with the Internet is that there is just too much information. The sheer amount of information makes the decision process more complex. What I recommend is that you browse the company listings and try to determine which companies appear to offer the services you require. Then, email or call those companies and ask your specific questions. Those that respond with satisfactory answers need to go on your short list. From there, drill down to specifics and focus your fact finding with the companies who give you the best responses.

A home is a huge investment. A specialty product such as a log home requires more investigation than a standard stick-built building. Most companies in this business today are reputable, but knowledge is power and knowing you have answers to your questions will let you narrow your decision to the companies that can deliver exactly what you are looking for.

4 comments to Knowledge is power

  • Anonymous

    It is about time. My husband and I own a log home in WI, and we have been searching for a good log home blog. I think I have read every one of your articles and I just love it. Also, you directory is a welcome and fresh addition to the junk that passes for information these days. Great job, please keep it up. BTW, I now subscribe to your blog on my yahoo page so don’t make me wait for a new story. Thanks, L.B. in

  • Logman

    Hello L.B. and thanks for the nice compliment. I am pleased and encouraged by your comments and hope that I won’t disappoint.

    Best regards,

  • Leslie from Arizona

    Last summer my family toured much of the southwest in a RV. Our three week vacation did much to help the economy as part of the purpose of the trip was to buy furnishings and such for a new log home we are building in Arizona. Oh my, did we pack that RV with goodies.

    During our vacation, I saw a paper towel holder that looked like it was carved wood with 2 or 3 bears climbing op the side of the holder. I got distracted at the time and forgot to buy it, and now am looking everywhere for this cute holder. Do you have any ideas as to where I might find such an item?

  • Logman

    Leslie, I have answered your question and made a recommendation
    click here

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