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I wish that this post could be a lighthearted discussion about log homes in Japan rather than commenting on the devastation we have been witnessing these past few days.

“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”, Ecclesiastes 3:1

Japan’s earthquake and subsequent tsunami is catastrophic and affecting millions of people. It may be months, even years before we fully comprehend the impact of these events.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people as they struggle with this life-changing experience.

When such natural disasters occur we have a hard time rationalizing the “time (or reason) to every purpose”.  It always appears to be surreal from 10,000 miles away as we watch the news updates on TV; almost like watching a Hollywood movie. Is this really happening?

Over the years I have made many Japanese friends. In my past life I worked for NEC America for almost 13 years, and I made dozens of business trips to Japan. Watching the TV and seeing what is happening there today is truly a sad experience. Whether you know someone or not isn’t important, helping our fellow man in times of need is the right thing to do. Take a moment and click this link to make a donation to the relief effort by the American Red Cross.

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