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Is a log furniture project in your future?

It won’t be long before the weather forces most of us to pursue our leisure activities indoors.  For those of us who are DIY types, spending time in the shop is something we avidly look forward to.  Now that I think of it, over the past few years, all of my major ‘Honey-Do’ projects have been done from November to April. 

My shop is detached from the house and has no automatic heating system, so I must fire-up the woodstove for heat.  It takes some time to get the temperature right, but once that stove’s blower has been pouring out heat for an hour, I can shed my coat and work in comfort. 

Last year, my big project was my ‘ultimate indoor firewood rack‘, an extra-large firewood storage syatem on wheels.  If you missed this, read the complete step-by-step plans and download a FREE PDF file that includes pictures and instructions on how to build your own indoor firewood rack.  I included the plans because I had a couple of people request that I build one for them, but that is not my business and I wish I had the time.

The year before, I took on a major project building my bride a rustic china cabinet/hutch.  She needed ample storage and wanted her custom piece to blend with our log home, so I used half-log trim and slabs with bold wood patterns.  It stands 6′ tall and the server top is approximately 5′ in length while cabinet depth is almost 20 inches.  The bottom can hold the largest of appliances such as bread makers, roaster ovens, etc.  The four glass doors on the top permit displaying of fine china or collectibles. 

In years past, I’ve made log end tables and log coffee tables and other rustic décor items for our home.  This year I have a couple of fun projects lined up, but nothing quite as involved as that china closet… But who knows, the indoor-shop-year is still young!  One project I am looking forward to is adding new inexpensive solar panels and a wind turbine alternative energy source to our home.  I mentioned this in an earlier post… sounds like a interesting project – stay tuned.

If you are like me and looking forward to your upcoming shop time, let us know what projects you have planned.  I’m always looking for inspiration. 

PS: If you are looking to buy some log furniture tools such as a tenon cutter or mortising tools, be sure to see the tools I use and recommend.

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