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Irish eyes smiling on log homes

Irish log homes that would make St. Patrick proud…

Home by GoodWood Solutions Ltd., Ireland

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.  I thought it only fitting that on this special day we mention log homes from the ‘Ererald Isle’.  Although building log homes originated in Europe, we tend to think of them in American and Canadian terms.  Lo and behold, there are even log home companies in Ireland.

It is an interesting study to visit this company’s website and note the differences in styles of their log homes vs. what we are used to.  Visit GoodWood Solutions Ltd. and learn something from the Irish.

When I was a wee lad…

My parents were part of the “Greatest Generation”.  My father spent four years in the Army-Air Corps and my mom did what most moms and girlfriends did then… waited and prayed for their men to get back home.

As a youngster, I can rememer my parents having friends over to the house and my mother was an accomplished pianist.  My father loved to sing while my mother accompanied him on the piano.   All those ‘grown-ups” would be singing loud enough to make the house rattle. They’re all gone now, but those memories are with me still.

My father was partial to Irish songs and I could remember enough of the words to find the lyrics to “Dear Old Donegal” by Bing Crosby in a Google search. I’ll leave you this fine day with lyrics and memories from another time…

It seems like only yesterday
I sailed from out of Cork.
A wanderer from Erin’s isle,
I landed in New York.
There wasn’t a soul to greet me there,
A stranger on your shore,
But Irish luck was with me here,
And riches came galore.
And now that I’m going back again
To dear old Erin’s isle,
My friends will meet me on the pier
And greet me with a smile.
Their faces, sure, I’ve almost forgot,
I’ve been so long away,
But me mother will introduce them all
And this to me will say:

Shake hands with your Uncle Mike, me boy,
And here is your sister, Kate.
And there’s the girl you used to swing
Down by the garden gate.
Shake hands with all of the neighbours,
And kiss the colleens all;
You’re as welcome as the flowers in May
To dear old Donnegal.

They’ll give a party when I go home,
They’ll come from near and far.
They’ll line the roads for miles and miles
With Irish jauntin’ cars.
The spirits’ll flow and we’ll be gay,
We’ll fill your hearts with joy.
The piper’ll play an Irish reel
To greet the Yankee boy.
We’ll dance and sing the whole night long,
Such fun as never seen.
The lads’ll be decked in corduroy,
The colleens wearin’ green.
They’ll be thousands there that I never saw,
I’ve been so long away,
But me mother will introduce them all
And this to me will say:


Meet Branigan, Fannigan, Milligan, Gilligan,
Duffy, McCuffy, Malachy, Mahone,
Rafferty, Lafferty, Donnelly, Connelly,
Dooley, O’Hooley, Muldowney, Malone,
Madigan, Cadigan, Lanihan, Flanihan,
Fagan, O’Hagan, O’Hoolihan, Flynn,
Shanihan, Manihan, Fogarty, Hogarty,
Kelly, O’Kelly, McGuinness, McGuinn.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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  • Don

    An inspiring song from that great generation. And, I enjoyed seeing the Irish log home company. I seldom take the time to visit other countries’ log home manufacturers. Nice post today.

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