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According to one online dictionary, ‘marketing’ is defined as the promotion of products, especially advertising and branding

Every industry has companies that seem to do all the right things in the marketing department and the log home business is no exception. Actually, there is a remarkably large number of very creative companies in our industry, and I think that is driven by the unique products with which we are involved.  But I digress…

PrecisionCraft and Mountain Architects have released a new log home or timber frame design each month for the past several years.  This tactic has served them well in branding their companies, but it has also accomplished the intended goal of inspiring log home enthusiasts – giving them a variety of creative plans to browse.  Not so that they could get trapped into building a specific plan “as designed,” but so that they could pull ideas from different plans and create their own masterpiece.

Inspired by: The Floor Plan

After all these years of sharing creative designs, PrecisionCraft is changing tactics and has decided it was time to “show the money.”  They will show how these great designs actually come to life.  Their new campaign called “Inspired Living: Stories You Can Build Upon” is like a magazine feature story – but online and on steroids! 

What’s better than actually hearing from the customer and getting an up close take on their experience with the process of building log and timber frame homes?  Each Inspired Living story will feature the floor plan with an interactive photo tool. Want to see the great room? Click on the spotlight lamp on the floor plan and see the image appear on the right…easy as that! 

This really is a creative example of marketing at its finest and you could spend hours seeing everything… which I’m certain was part of their plan. Anyway, it is über cool and worth visiting.  Also, you can sign up to receive their next “Inspired Living” design story here.

Be sure you don’t miss seeing PrecisionCraft’s other floor plans featured in our Log Home Floor Plan Showcase.

3 comments to Inspired Living & Inspired Marketing

  • Melanie

    That is really a neat feature. You’re right, I think I spent half of my afternoon looking at those plans and pictures. Thanks for the tip. – Mel

  • Tom

    Hey Melanie, no thanks needed… we strive to find such resources that make learning about log homes more interesting. It’s always an added bonus when we find something that is both educational and as creative as this example.

    If you really want to thank us, tell your friends and other log home enthusiasts about the Log Home Directory! Thank YOU.

  • Jerry B.

    It is easy to see why this company is regarded so highly in the log home world. Great stuff.

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