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I told you it was hot…

Don’t goose the moose!

Last week my post was about preparing and re-staining logs. During the video and in my blog comments I mentioned how hot it was here in Montana. A friend of mine just sent me an email that reinforces my reference to the steamy weather. When the moose are coming to your yard to partake of your swimming pool, you know it is hot and dry.

Yeah, I know… this has nothing to do with log homes except… if you live in a log home, you are probably more apt to see such a scene in your back yard than if you live in Levittown.

We’ll be back to talking about log home issues and opportunities in my next post… I promise. If you just can’t wait, click on over and read an article I just published about “Rustic Decor and Sushi“.

PS: If you’re like me, moose are one of your favorite animals and decorating with moose-themed accent pieces is a lot of fun. Be sure to check out the moose decor at the Log Home Store. Also, if you’re the bear-type instead of the moose-type, see the bear decor!

For a great “Moose T-Shirt” see

3 comments to I told you it was hot…

  • Anonymous

    I thoroughly enjoy your blog even when you stray off topic for stories such as this moose cooling himself in a pool. My wife and I have been researching log homes and builders and can’t seem to get our biggest question answered anywhere. In your opinion, what log home manufacturer ist the best?

    If it matters, we live in NY and plan to build north of Rochester. Thanks, Bill & Rita

  • Chris

    Hey there Bill & Rita.
    My name is Chris, and I’m another Log Home enthusiast. I’ve been researching log homes for quite some time, and the company that has really impressed me above all others is Alta Log Homes. They are located in NY, in the Catskills. What really impresses me about them is the fact that they build Energy Star compliant homes, and they just joined the LEED program, which is basically a government organization for green, environmentally friendly buildings. The houses are beautiful, and they have a bunch of floor plans (The one I am looking at is the Altamont I’ve called them with questions and they are always friendly and helpful. If you want to give Alta Log Homes a shot, their website is

  • Chris

    Also, wow, I’m glad we don’t have animals that big around here!

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