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I love antlers

Spying a majestic elk strutting through the forrest is a sight to behold. If you have never had that experience, I recommend you spend your next vacation in the mountains where elk are known to graze. The nice thing about antlers is that when our furry friends are done with them, they leave them behind as “sheds“.

People have been making furniture and accent pieces from antler sheds – since people began making furniture. Few decor accent pieces exemplify the “rustic look” as well as items made from logs and antlers. I built a log and antler coat rack and published the “How To” on our website. This DIY article shows how to create a clothes rack using a log section and some antlers. In this project I created a rack that snugs into a wall corner. Read the entire article here…

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1 comment to I love antlers

  • Patricia D.

    I have a newbie question more than a comment. Since antlers are biological material (bone or hair), won’t they degrade after a while? Is this a good material to use as a chandelier that hangs over your head? I didn’t know anything about antler chandeliers until recently when my husband and I moved to Wyoming from Oklahoma to retire. We are considering buying an antler chandelier for our great room, but I was worried that it may not last.

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