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How much wood could a woodchuck chuck…

Over the years we’ve talked about every conceivable topic related to the log home industry. One area that happens to be a critical component, but not often discussed, is the harvesting tools used in the logging industry.  From chainsaws to log loaders, grapplers and a host of other specialty tools, the logging business is in a class to itself.

A friend called my attention to a piece of equipment that is a marvelous example of modern ingenuity. One machine cuts a tree flush to the ground, flips it horizontal, de-barks it, removes limbs and cuts it to length in a matter of seconds. You gotta see this to believe it…

This AFM Harvester from Finland does all this in about 40 seconds.  I don’t know about you, but to me… this is one impressive piece of machinery.  Man, I can’t even imagine how much firewood I could cut in a summer with one of these toys. 

Here’s hoping that our industry needs dozens of these machines in 2009!

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