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How long will a log home last?

Did you happen to see Lisa’s question below?  It is an important question so I thought I would address it as a main post rather than burying my reply in the comments area.  Lisa wrote:

“…My husband and I are seriously looking at an existing log home to purchase. It’s 25 years old and looks like it’s in good shape… Before we buy, we would have a home inspection, but all in all, the structure looks sound. My real question is how long does a log cabin last? I don’t mean how long will it stand, because we’ve all seen those lopsided, ancient structures here and there, but I mean as a livable, square, dry structure. I’m looking around trying to find out whether this is a sound investment.”

At one time or another, we have all asked this question and the answer surprises most people the first time they hear it.  A log home (or log cabin) can last for centuries, but only if it is cared for properly.  If a log home is built on a sturdy foundation and the roof is kept in good repair and the exterior logs are treated properly, there is no reason that a log home can not last for a millennium.

The important phrase here is “cared for properly“.  Left to suffer mother nature’s wrath with no maintenance or periodic wood treatments, a log home will eventually suffer the same fate as trees that fall in the forest.  As to the soundness of your investment, if the home inspection report is good and the other standard real estate valuations are in line, there is no reason that your investment will not exceed the return on similar ‘comps’ in your area – and last a long, long time.

Did you know… the Kremlin in Moscow is actually a log structure underneath a layer of stucco?

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