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How do you get your log home fix?

The Internet is such a wonderful invention… think about it for just a moment.  The collective knowledge of the human race is freely accessible from your computer – even your smart phone.  Wow!

That’s a powerful concept, but it creates an intimidating dilemma.  How do you sift through trillions and mega-trillions of bits of information to find the information you need?  You might ask… Isn’t that the purpose of the search engines, to index and sort information by relevance to a topic?

Most assuredly, that is their mission, but that is also the problem.  As an example, if you do a Google search for the term “log home information“, you are returned 152,000,000 results.  I don’t know about you, but that’s more information than I’m looking for.

Let’s suppose you don’t care about Abe Lincoln’s log cabin, or log home stories from 40 year old newspapers or log home trivia; you want to know about present day log home information.  Companies, floor plans, pricing, maintenance and other current information.  How can you search for such news?

Sign up for Google Alerts.  You can receive email updates of the latest relevant results (web, news, blogs, etc.) based on your topic.  There is no better way to monitor the log home industry and log home owners’ comments, announcements, news, forum or blog posts, and all relevant mentions of this topic.  Better still, you can receive these alerts daily, weekly or as it happens.

I have been using Google alerts for many years and you would be surprised how easy it can be to keep up with everything that is happening in our industry just be reading one email every day.  To learn more about this, go to

Another good way to keep informed is to follow the companies or people you are interested in on the social networking sites.  I’d be honored and delighted if you chose to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  Happy New Year… begin this year by streamlining your online activity.

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