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Links are the foundation of every successful online marketing strategy!

Sales Funnel - Linking is the very backbone of the Internet.

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Linking is the very backbone of the Internet. In fact, Google was launched as a result of a paper written by two doctoral candidates whose premise was how to establish the value of websites for search results; essentially, what makes one website better than another competitive site? They believed that links (‘votes’ from other websites) determined value.

Google loves links

Much has changed since the Google founders launched their company and today a website’s value is also determined by many other factors such as social media involvement, onsite & off-site SEO and literally hundreds of other elements. However, the foundation of any marketing strategy begins with links; specifically, good quality, ‘content related’ links.  It is rumored that Google will not even bother to index a website that has no links pointing to it.

‘Social proof’ has become imperative!

For the past couple of years, it seemed that having a Facebook page, a Twitter account and YouTube channel were nice distractions if you had the time, but most log home companies tended to view these things as a necessary evil. Like it or not, social involvement now contributes to your ranking in search results. If you want your website ranking to improve in search, you must be active socially online.

This isn’t as difficult or as time consuming as you might fear, if you set up your social accounts properly and manage them strategically. I KNOW you don’t have the time (none of us do), but how much time would you be able to dedicate to making this happen if you knew that it would result in more traffic to your website and more sales? I can’t make such a guarantee, but I will guarantee that if you do not do these things your rank in search results will continue to decline.

Give us a link and I give you a detailed marketing blueprint – FREE!

SEO & Social Media Marketing GuideAlthough I’ve been the editor of the Log Home Directory for over seven years, I’ve been an Internet marketing consultant for almost twenty years.  I am also the author of a number of Internet business books and my latest, the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide” was written for small businesses, and I even use the log home industry as my example throughout the book.

SEO is about marketing. It’s making sure that people who want to buy what you have to sell can find your website. ‘Social’ is the new word-of-mouth. When people talk, Google listens and smiles upon those being talked about. Social marketing is a strategy, not a tool.

SEO & Social – the ‘Secret Sauce’ of online marketing.

You can buy this book from my other website, or through – or get it free when you add a link to this website.  Why spend hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars every month on advertising? You know that people are researching their purchases online and listening to their friends talk about what they ‘Like’. If your website is not performing well in search results and people are not talking about your company…you’re missing the people who are looking for you. My book will show you what you need to do to improve your search results and expand your marketing reach… for FREE!

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