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About the Log Cabin Directory

Editor of the Log Cabin DirectoryHi, I’m Tom Heatherington, editor of the Log Cabin Directory™. Like most of you, I have worn a lot of different hats in my 50+ years. From delivering newspapers as a kid to VP of Sales of an international corporation, and along the way I even started a couple of Internet ventures. Over the years I have been involved in sales, marketing, offline and online retailing, computer programming and corporate management.

My bride and I live in a log home and I build log furniture – but not commercially (my wife’s “honey-do” list won’t permit that). Consequently, I know a little something about logs, in addition…

I know a little about the log home business

This is my bride and I in front of our “log cabin” in the woods. We moved to NW Montana in 2002 and bought our home. We both agree that there just isn’t anything that can compare to a log home. Toss in a few cats, dogs and a healthy supply of local wildlife and we seldom feel the need to leave home.

We’re “people” – not robots

Launched in 2004, the Log Home Directory is a human-edited directory, which is much more expedient and user friendly than any search engine. We accumulated our data by spending incalculable hours examining search engine results, city business listings, information banks, monitoring press releases, news alerts, Yellow Pages – and of course, getting submissions from companies wanting to be included.

Why we created this directory

This directory was begun as a result of the popularity of our first “rustic” directory, the Log and Rustic Furniture Directory.  Over time we discovered two important correlations… One, people looking for rustic and log furniture oftentimes were furnishing (or planning to decorate) log homes and cabins. Secondly, those log home companies shared the same challenge of balancing new technology demands against their core business necessities.

The vast majority of log home builders and dealers are small companies who spend their time doing what they do best, not designing high-impact websites. Unfortunately, Internet marketing social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are fast becoming a science; thus making most small firms struggle to attract traffic to their websites. Consequently, those sites don’t always rank well in search engines. And, as luck would have it…

I also know a little about the Internet business

Way back in 1994, I co-founded one of the first ISPs in the United States, a company called PICnet. As a pioneer in the emerging Internet industry, we helped companies such as Frito-Lay, Texas Rangers MLB and Virgin Records develop their websites, but our major thrust was small businesses. In fact, I wrote one of the first books on the subject of doing business online, which was geared to that audience and it was aptly titled, “The Complete Small Business Internet Guide”.

SEO & Social Media Marketing GuideIn 1998, Macmillan Publishing released our Internet business book to wide acclaim. It was designed to help small businesses create, set up and maintain their Website without having to invest significant time and money in the process. Written for those who didn’t know how or where to begin. Unfortunately, it is hopelessly out of date (and out of print) today.

In 2010 my second book was released, the “SEO & Social Media Marketing Guide” and it is available as a downloadable PDF book or for the Amazon Kindle reader. What you may find interesting is that I use the log home business as my example throughout the book.

As the title implies, I discuss the most effective SEO tactics and explain how to integrate social media into the marketing mix.

To help small businesses in the log home industry and encourage them to list their company with this directory, I offer a copy of this book at no cost. The instructions on how to add your company to the Log Home Directory and get your free book  are here.