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Honest Abe Log Raising

Honest Abe Log Homes will only host three log raising events in 2010 that are open to the public. The next will be held on July 24th, with the remaining two dates on September 25th and November 13th. Since the event is held indoors, space is limited, so the company requests that seating reservations are made prior to the date. The log raising starts at 9 AM, CST at their National Headquarters in Moss, Tennessee, and typically ends just after noon.

Randy Fudge, President of Honest Abe Log Homes and host of the event had this to say, “We have never wanted our log raising to just be an advertisement for our homes. It’s supposed to be educational, and we hope it helps the log home industry as a whole. We try to keep the mood light and the atmosphere casual.” Randy also commented that the event is open to the public and there is no fee involved. See their Press Release here.

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