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Happy Birthday USA

Have fun this weekend!

Birthdays are supposed to be fun (…and of course, having a birthday beats NOT having one).  I like the Fourth of July, because it stirs such grand feelings.  I have so many good memories from my own childhood and my kids’ early years that remembering such moments always produces a smile and thoughts of less complicated times. 

I remember our nation’s BIG birthday in 1976.  It was our nation’s bi-centennial and the whole country got involved in the party.  The memory of Vietnam and the divisive effect it had on our country was fading; America was proud once again.  There were special shows on TV and marvelous events happening all over the country.  Subsequent birthdays haven’t been quite as grand, but they are always fun and give us a gentle reminder of our nation’s proud history that always rings my bell. 

Living in a log home is a lot like having the 4th of July every day.  Those similar feelings of joy, pride, comfort and contentment, a sense of being out of harm’s way and safe within those massive log walls, and that raw wood aroma of being outside… the only thing missing are the fireworks.

Happy 4th of July! 
Enjoy the moments and be safe with those fireworks!

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