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Green plastic buildings or log homes?

“Beauty”, they say, “is in the eye of the beholder.”

In my previous post, I talked about “Log homes as the original green building solution“.  With this being a blog about log homes and cabins no one should be surprised with my choice of the perfect sustainable building.

Well, the current issue of Popular Science magazine, which I subscribe to, features a home in the shape of a cube called the “dice house”.  Oh and did I mention that it is made of plastic?

I am quite certain that the architect has nothing but the best intentions in designing this home, but really… could you live in something that looked this ugly?

A large part of the charm of living in a log home is the look… the ambiance… The benefits of log building being truly sustainable and offering superior thermal mass are merely icing on the cake.  If you had a choice between existing in a plastic cube or luxuriating in a custom log home, which would you choose?

We live in a challenging time.  From the banking business to Wall Street and Washington politics, health care, big pharma and energy production… everything appears to be broken.  In those few remaining areas where we still have control over choosing the quality of our life, log home living is a choice whose time has come.

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