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Green Energy DIY Projects for Your Log Home

Living the ‘green lifestyle’, and building with renewable, sustainable products has been an important topic for many years.  It all began with a growing awareness of our planet’s fragile ecosystem and the need to reduce our impact on the environment by recycling everyday materials.  From that humble beginning this movement has evolved to include everything from eco-friendly household products, hybrid cars, alternative energy solutions and everything in between.

The log home industry has been on the leading edge of the green building movement for decades and with the introduction of new stains, adhesives and other earth-friendly building products, our niche is possibly the greenest segment of the home building industry.  What could be better than to live in a green log home and draw your electricity from a free, clean, renewable source? 

The one thing that has stalled progress in this area, or at least caused some people to reconsider alternative energy projects is the exorbitant costs to implement.  Even taking into account federal and state tax credits, installing commercial solar or wind energy equipment can be incredibly expensive.  Saving the planet is a good thing, but if the cost to do so can’t be easily amortized over years of fuel savings, even the best intensions will often be crushed by pragmatism.

American ingenuity to the rescue…  In doing some research for inexpensive solar and wind solutions, I stumbled upon a resource that I think you will appreciate as much as I have.  I discovered a fellow who offers an energy kit that shows us everything we need to know about creating electricity from our own backyard.  As an example, he shows how we can build a great looking solar power system for as little as $200 using parts found at a local hardware store. 

His kit teaches everything you need to know about producing electricity using solar and wind power with a step-by-step fully illustrated manual.  To demonstrate how easy his instructions are, he found 11 people who knew nothing about generating power and these “test subjects” were able to generate enough electricity to power their household appliances using his instructions. 

Maybe you’ve seen this advertised on TV, I must admit that I had not because we don’t watch that much broadcast TV.  But according to their website they have been featured on CNN, NBC, The New York TImes and other media outlets. 

I am a DIY type so these projects are right up my alley.  I plan to make this a priority shop project this winter and begin my conversion from a commercial power user to a self-sufficient alternative energy solution provider (to my home).  I’ll keep you posted on my progress, but to learn more about you can make renewable power for less than $200, follow this link.

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