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Green building in DC?

An article was just published by Washington Free Weekly, entitled, This Modern World – Architect Travis Price balances green with sheen (read the full story here).

“Mr. Price is one of the biggest names in Washington architecture”, according to the article. In the body of the story, the author says… But green isn’t everything, Price makes clear. He’s sharply critical of architects who cloak otherwise wasteful and inefficient designs in eco-friendly garb—lumber-guzzling log cabins, for instance—as well as well-meaning greenies who turn out boring, derivative structures.

Wha? . . . Did he really say that? I am not an architect, nor do I have a degree in any of the sciences. And yes, I am partial to log and timberframe home construction, and no, I don’t feel the need to open a debate about which is better or more appealing…

But seriously folks, those are fighting words in Mr. Price’s comments. I am sure the Log Home Industry Council would like to chat with Mr. Price about the documented energy-efficiency and thermal mass benefits of log construction.

When there is a discussion about GREEN and renewable resources, does anyone include steel and glass in that discussion? What could possibly require less energy, expense and create less pollution than planting new trees? Does Mr. Price not know that almost all major log home manufacturers are involved in reforestation programs (see Kuhns Bros. as one example) and that many companies ONLY harvest standing dead trees?

I have never heard of Mr. Price and am not familiar with his work – and I mean him no ill will. I am sure he is a talented fellow to receive the recognition he gets from the press. But when one uses words like “wasteful and inefficient” and “lumber-guzzling log cabins” when discussing modern log home design and construction… one should be better informed before one spouts such tripe to the press.

PS: I mentioned that most log home manufacturers are involved in reforestation programs, here are just a few that pop up from a quick Google search…

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  • Anonymous

    Don’t you just love those know-it-all types who trash other people’s work because it is different than theirs. This fellow must feel threatened by those “wasteful lumber-guzzling” builders. Sheesh! As John Stossel says, “give me a break”!

    Kathy /Omaha NE

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