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Green Building Gets Green Light

Make that “GREEN LOG”…

There was a time when many of us wouldn’t openly admit to being a “greenie”. Somehow, it had a connotation of being a tree-hugger or a radical wacko ultra-liberal type, and what ‘real man’ wants that label attached to his name. Times have changed… all one need do is visit a gas station and the conversion to the religion of GREEN is immediate.

In the log home industry, green building has been a flourishing religion for quite some time, and spreading that religion to all aspects of the building process has gained serious traction in recent years. Now we are seeing green solutions for everything from flooring to the stains and finishes we apply throughout the home. Being green is no longer something we hide or talk about under our breath, green is good, and it’s catching fire.

A new non-profit organization called the Green Log Awards, in concert with the Environment News Service plan to make a difference. They are launching a Social Media campaign to rally bloggers, websites and their visitors to vote for the best in Green Products and Services from polling places across the Web.

Such awareness campaigns can be powerful tools in bringing about change and increasing awareness, and the GREEN LOG Home and Lifestyle Awards, asks the question “Can the Internet save our planet from an early greenhouse gas demise?” Go here to read their Press Release just posted today.

So, “can the Internet save our planet from an early greenhouse gas demise?” I’m doing my part! As the editor of one of the fastest growing log home information portals on the Internet, we don’t cut down trees to publish our information, we rely on email to communicate with clients and in fact…. no electrons have ever been destroyed in producing this blog and our related websites. Now if that isn’t green, someone please give me a better example! Now who will nominate the Log Home Directory for the Green Log Awards?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the lighthearted pun, but this really is serious business and it is encouraging to see companies committing their resources to addressing this problem. I would encourage every website owner to help with this campaign by adding the voting widget to their website.

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