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Google Chrome – The Browser…

Is it available in a log finish?

“What”, you might ask, “does a new web browser have to do with log homes”?  Possibly nothing – and maybe a lot… I’m getting ahead of myself, I should probably tell you that Google announced today that they have a new web browser available for immediate download. It’s called “Google Chrome”.

Over the years I’ve exchanged emails and talked on the phone with quite a few readers of this blog and many of you are in the log home business. I have the pleasure of calling many dealers, builders, manufacturers and maintenance companies friends.

If you are in the log home business, or if you are in any business that has a website, I would recommend that you download this new browser. It is always a good idea to look at how your website behaves when viewed by different browsers. I will usually view changes to our website in Microsoft’s Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Apple’s Safari and now Google Chrome.

You would be surprised how differently a web page can look in a browser other than Microsoft. In fact (I won’t name the company), but one of the major log home manufacturers’ website was broken this year… not just broken, but their (JavaScript) main menu did not display properly in one browser for about six months. That will cost you business!

The lesson here is download Google’s free browser and use it to check your website and keep it as a backup if your primary browser gets sick. 

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