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From Log to Log Home

Don’t try this at home…

Before a log can become part of a log wall or a timber frame beam, there’s quite a bit involved of which most people are not aware. Obviously a tree must be felled, de-limbed and hauled from the forest to a processing facility, but it is what happens next that is so interesting. A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of touring a custom log home manufacturer’s mill and assembly operation. No, I am not contemplating another log home for my family (yet); I was just meeting some friends and improving my education.

Most manufacturers encourage their customers to tour their facilities as doing so creates a better understanding of what goes into building a log home. If you have never seen such an operation, and your builder or manufacturer extends the invitation, do yourself a favor and make the trip. It is an awesome experience to watch a tree literally be transformed into part of a home. From the bark peeling to the finished log (or beam) the modern equipment being used today makes it all look simple, but I can assure you it is anything but… If you want a great peek into how this comes together, there are a few good videos available such as this one filmed at PrecisionCraft’s yard in Idaho.

And then there’s the DIYers…

While most of us couldn’t imagine building a log home (or any home) by ourselves, you might be surprised how many brave souls actually attempt this feat. Certainly, one needs the time, equipment and skills to accomplish such a huge undertaking, but it is always fascinating to watch such a project evolve. There are a number of blogs and websites out there that show the day-to-day progress of their owners. One such interesting blog is Our Log Home Endeavor.

Although I’m a fairly talented fellow and know which end of a chainsaw to hold, I would never take on such a project by myself. I’d rather let the PROs do what they do best and I’ll just stand around and act like I’m the crew foreman. I guess that’s how most of us feel as there’s just so many great log home companies out there.

Oh and BTW, if you’re new to this blog (if you haven’t already) be sure to click through our Log Home Directory. Virtually every log home builder, dealer and manufacturer is listed there and don’t miss our special areas on everything from DIY projects to green building information, articles, building resources and just about everything connected to a log home.

For more log home videos, visit LogTV or YouTube.

3 comments to From Log to Log Home

  • Anonymous

    Oh you struck a nerve. Last summer we wer about to sign a contract with a company and we thought it might be a good idea to make a trip to the company location and maybe watch a home being built. We were going to make it a vacation. Well, when we tried to arrange an appointment, they tried to talk us out of it and that set up some red flags. Long story short, we didn’t sign the contract and instead bought a Kuhns Bros. log home after we visited them in PA. They were wonderful to work with and we love our new home.

  • Shellmo

    We’re currently having a log cabin built but oh how I wish we were able to be the DIY people! Maybe on the next one…
    P.S. Your blog is very informative and I check back often! 🙂

  • Cliff

    I am learning first hand all that goes into building a log home. Blood, sweat, tears and more sweat. I wake up each morning sore and stiff, but I’m loving every minute of the learning process. Thanks for the mention in the post. I enjoy your blog.

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