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Floor Plans – Sneak Preview

A little intelligence can be a dangerous thing… it is often an amazing experience to discover what it is that people are actually looking for when they visit your website. What you THINK is important may not actually be what your visitors are searching for. Such intelligence gathering used to be a daunting task just a few years ago, but thanks to Google Analytics (a free service), it is a ‘plug & play’ option that can open your eyes. A case in point…

Our Log Home Directory covers a multitude of topics from company listings, DIY projects, green building and industry press releases to articles, books and log home shows. Our objective has always been to operate as a resource for people who are searching for log and timber home information. I believe that we do that fairly well, but in analyzing our website’s traffic reports a few months back, I made a shocking discovery. The #1 keyword phrase that brought people to our website was “log home floor plans”.

The reason this revelation shocked me was that we didn’t focus a lot of energy on log home floor plans and really didn’t have a great deal of information about floor plans. My (obviously flawed) thinking was that it was a topic covered by the companies that we list and there wasn’t a reason to duplicate efforts. Well, any retailer will tell you that when most of the people coming through your front door are asking for a particular product, you’d be wise to stock that product.

After much discussion as to how we might best serve this need, we decided to approach major manufacturers and ask them to exhibit ten of their most popular floor plans on our site. When you can show the 10 most popular plans from the industry’s largest and most progressive manufacturers, odds are that we’ll be giving visitors the best sampling of floor plans available from most anywhere.

Readers of this blog are getting a sneak preview of this new (yet to be announced) “Floor Plan Showcase“. Our goal is to make a formal announcement next month, but I wanted to give you a peek behind the curtain and see what we’ve been working on. Keep in mind that this is not quite “ready for prime time” and that we only have a sampling of the floor plans scheduled to be hosted here, but I think you will like what you see.

When completed, we’ll have 100 of the most popular floor plans with complete descriptions, photos and direct links to the companies websites that offer the plans. In addition, these floor plan pages will not be cluttered with advertising or unrelated distractions. This “no advertising” approach is a first for our industry and early feedback has been very encouraging. As I mentioned, this is brand new and we have a truckload of additional floor plans to include so bookmark the page and check back ever week. Visit the Log home Directory’s – Floor Plan Showcase!

2 comments to Floor Plans – Sneak Preview

  • Shellmo

    Even though we just finished our log home – I’m still interested in perusing the floor plans. Still thinking about the next log cabin when I retire and fine tuning what I’ve learned so far.
    As always – your site is a great resource!

  • Anonymous

    What a great idea you have. I love the log home magazines (I think I subscribe to 3-4), but they usually feature only one or two floor plans from each company. Being able to see 10 from many companies is a real help to people like me who want to do a lot of research. I want my log home to be my last home and I want to get it right. This will help. Can’t wait to see the other companies. Again, great idea!!!

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