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The Ultimate Firewood Rack - DIY Plans (Preview)

Does size really matter?

Firewood Rack DimensionsNope.  Not with this project. You can build your firewood rack to meet your space requirements or unique floor plan.

To provide some ideas, I show the dimensions of the rack I built, but you can make yours taller, wider, lower, deeper or longer.

The height I chose for my application is approximately the same height as the kitchen counters in your home.

So, contrary to what you've seen in your spam folder, size really doesn't matter.  In addition, the type of wood I chose and your decision to use wrought iron or wood... none of that matters!  The only one you need to please with this project is you (and more than likely your spouse) so let your imagination run wild and create your own customized "Ultimate Firewood Rack - Butler - Storage - Time Saver - Furniture - Thing".  Remember, what I am describing below is how I did it, feel free to plagiarize my total plan or make changes where you think they'll work for you.

 A man with a plan... for you!

Hold the presses... there's no reason for me to duplicate efforts and reproduce the entire 14 page PDF document here. . . . you can download it for free.

Download Firewood Rack Plans - click here!Get the Free Plans! See plans

To read the complete step-by-step plans, download a FREE PDF file that includes pictures and instructions on how to build your own indoor firewood rack.  No cost or obligation except to tell your friends about this remarkable web resource!

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